How To Cook Food For 100 People

Dave and Sarah Eickelberg —  May 8, 2012 — 1 Comment

[This is Part 1 in our Catering Series. Check out all the recipes from the event by clicking the links below!]
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As we shared yesterday, our friend Josh asked us to cater his 10-year anniversary vow renewal ceremony. Before this weekend, we had never cooked for more than 20 people. Knowing that 100 people would be eating the food we were making was pretty scary. It took us months to even decide on a menu for the evening.

After that, we had to make decisions about drinks, dinnerware, and figure out exactly how we were going to prepare every single item. Today, we wanted to share some of those smaller details of the dinner with you all.

We wanted to have the best possible dinner for our friends while keeping budget in mind. It had to be fancy, but casual…if that makes sense. We made lots of trips to various stores around Des Moines to find the best prices on the exact items we wanted. We got a few items from Target and a local Mexican grocery store, La Tapitia. But for the most part, we ended up shopping at Costco for food and Amazon for dinnerware.

For an appetizer, we decided to set out some chips and salsa. This was a great option because it was cheap, easy, and filled people up a little bit before the meal. We used Costco brand tortilla chips and Jack’s salsa, also from Costco. Jack’s is great because it has that fresh salsa taste, even though it is pre-made. While we could have made our own salsa, we just didn’t think it was worth the time or money when Jack’s tastes so good to begin with.

For drinks, we decided to keep it simple. Instead of providing multiple options for people, we just went with bottled water and cans of San Pellegrino. We even found these sweet straws on Amazon to use for the San Pellegrino.

Choosing what disposable plates to use was one of the hardest parts. Lots of the plates looked too fancy for disposable plates and ended up coming off tacky, while other plates looked way too cheap. Then we found these Solo Bare plates and knew that they would be perfect for the night. They were simple and clean so they didn’t distract from the food at all.

How about these wooden forks and knives!?

The tines on the forks were pretty short, which made it difficult to eat the salad, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. Sometimes you need to sacrifice practicality for style. These wooden utensils look way cooler than white plastic forks and knives!

Once we had all these items picked out and purchased, we could focus on preparing the meal.

To be continued…


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  1. Great background info… I’ll be following on for the big cooking reveal!

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