Italian Dunkers

Dave and Sarah Eickelberg —  August 23, 2011 — 7 Comments

Many of you may not have been lucky enough to grow up with Italian Dunkers. Let’s elaborate on how this mystery meal came to be. The weekly lunch schedule would look something like this:

Monday: Hot Dogs

Tuesday: Spaghetti


At both of our schools the meal was the same. The beloved lunch ladies would make buttery garlic bread out of leftover hot dog buns and we would joyously dunk those babies into thick spaghetti meat sauce. Ta-Da…Italian Dunkers. Yes! As tasty as this was, we thought we could take it one step further. Because, seriously, something is missing here! Mounds of melted cheese. Oh yeah.

Italian Dunkers
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Serves: 6-8

12-16 oz. Italian Sausage (you could also use ground beef, turkey, or leave it out altogether)
1 jar of your favorite marinara (We love Newman’s Own Organic Marinara)
1 loaf whole grain bread from the bakery
Olive oil
2-3 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

First, brown and crumble the sausage. We love our Pampered Chef Mix N’ Chop for these sorts of jobs! Then drain off any fat and return the pot to the stove. Add the marinara and stir it up!

On to the bread… Preheat the oven to 450°F. Lay the slices of bread out on a sheet pan. (Line the pan with aluminum foil to make clean up a snap. I forgot to do this step…Fail.) Drizzle the bread with olive oil.

Sprinkle with the cheese. Ah, nevermind. mound as much cheese as humanly possible on each slice of bread!

Bake for about 10 minutes or until it develops a nice brown, bubbly, cheesy crust on top. There are few things in this world that are as exciting as melted cheesiness. Am I right?

Put it all together and dunk ’til you can’t dunk no mo.

We filled our lunch tray just like the good ol’ days with a vegatable, a treat and a drink.

Ok, maybe not just like the good ole days. First, a little salad with a drizzle of caesar dressing, a couple of the best ever 4 ingredient salted peanut butter cookies, and a beer to wash it all down with… just cause we can. It’s a hot school lunch – all grown up.

Did your school have Italian Dunkers? We’ve heard about your favorite meals. Now tell us…what was your least favorite school lunch?

7 responses to Italian Dunkers

  1. You guys are 2 for 2! I loved the chili/cinnamon roll lunch, as well as Italian Dunkers when I was a kid! Don’t forget Crispitos (which should NOT be considered good, but for some reason were a favorite at my school)! I still see classmates mention them every once in awhile on Facebook…haha! And everyone loves pizza day with the good ‘ol rectangle pizza slices – it was a real treat when it was pepporoni pizza!

  2. Oops – pepperoni…:)

  3. What a comforting meal, looks so good! Kinda like breadsticks dipped in marinara but wayyyyy better! For some reason in grade school I never liked stromboli? I think it was the mystery meat inside or something… who knows.

  4. Hey, found your blog through Iowa Girl Eats.

    Love this idea – it’s a new spin on the traditional spaghetti and garlic bread. My hubby isn’t keen on pasta, which makes this just as easy.

    Just a quick question/recommendation – Have you tried Gino’s Marinara Sauce? It’s made by the local restaurant, and I know Fareways sell it in the pasta sauce section. It’s my favorite sauce, hands down. Thought you might want to give it a try!

    • Hi Amy! Thanks for checking our blog out!

      I don’t think we have tried Gino’s before. It’s possible we’ve had it at a friends house, but we have never purchased it. Thanks for the heads up about it…we’ll give it a try soon!

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